School Uniform Review

March 29, 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We set a high standard for our students and this includes their school uniform. Students must always maintain their uniform to the highest standard. Uniforms take the pressure and stress away from students by standardizing the dress code. At Stanhope Secondary we will always try make our school a stress-free zone, this allows our students to focus on their academic study, personal growth and success.

As a school community, we are currently reviewing our uniform rules and policy. To this end, we would like to capture your viewpoint and hear your voice. There are two sets of questions at the link below.

In the first question, we ask you to place your uniform priorities in order of preference i.e. No. 1 being the most important to you, No. 8 being the least important.

The second question is open ended and gives you a chance to express what you would like to change in more detail and if you would like to, the reason for this change.

This survey will conclude Monday 4th April. Thank you for your assistance!

Stanhope Secondary Uniform Committee