Student Council


  • to represent the student voice on matters of general concern to students in Stanhope Secondary School
  • to support the management and staff in the development of the school
  • to enhance communication between students, management, staff, and parents
  • to promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development
  • to promote friendship and respect among pupils
  • to contribute to the development of school policies
  • to nurture a range of important skills among students, such as participating in meetings, negotiating, responsible leadership and collaborative problem solving
  • to develop leadership and organisational skills through the research, planning, organisation and implementation of a whole school project to be decided upon by each individual student council at the beginning of each year.
    Projects may include, but are not limited to areas such as:
    • Charity fundraisers
    • Mental health awareness campaigns
    • Physical improvement of the school
    • Community improvement projects