Parents Association

The Stanhope Secondary School Parents’ Association is open to all parents in the school.


  • The primary aims of the PA are:
  • The advancement of the moral, mental, social and cultural well-being of the students of the Stanhope Secondary School.
  • To represent the interests of parents of students attending the school.
  • To promote good relationships between parents and the school’s Board of Management, the Principal and the teachers.


The association:

  • Advises the Principal and Board on any matter regarding the school (two parents represent the PA on the Board of Management)
  • The election to nominate the Parents’ Representatives to the Board of Management takes place every 3 years).
  • Makes representations to the school on issues of policy.
  • Adopts a program of activities that will promote the involvement of parents in the management of the school – eg: fundraising events and guest speakers.
  • Supports and encourages individual parents to become more involved in the education of their children.
  • Develops partnership for parents in education at the level of the school.
  • Fundraises for the school through events
  • Helps the school organise school events where parents or members of the public are invited

Structure of Meetings

All parents are invited to meetings. A reminder is also sent by mail and text to parents who have signed up to be active members of the PA.

Meetings take place 2 to 3 times per term in the school in the evening.

Minutes of all meetings are kept by the secretary who presents the minutes to the PA for approval at a subsequent PA meeting. Minutes and agenda are available on request to the secretary.

The procedure for parents to raise an issue to PA is to communicate first with the chairperson. The chairperson and secretary decide on the agenda according to issues raised.

For each event organised by the PA, or events where the school requires help from the parents, the PA forms sub-committees that manage the event entirely and communicate directly with the parents.

Each committee organizes their own meetings separate from the main PA meetings and gives a progress report at the main PA meeting.

For more information on Guidelines for Parents Association Constitution, click here.