School Uniform Rule Update

April 14, 2022

Good afternoon,

Following consultation with our school community, we are pleased to announce our uniform rules will be updated as per below:

Please note students must bring a suitable school bag with books to school and home again each day for the purpose of study and homework.

 These uniform rules are being introduced on a probationary basis until Summer.
 There successful adoption after Summer depends on student compliance.
 Students are expected to adhere and to uphold each and every rule in full.

School Uniform
• We set a high standard for our students and this includes their school uniform.
• Students must always maintain their uniform to a high standard.
• Uniforms take the pressure and stress away from students by standardizing the dress code.
• At Stanhope Secondary we will always try make our school a stress-free zone, this allows our students to focus on their academic study, personal growth and success.

Uniform requirements are:
• School jacket, school crest jumper shirt, white blouse, school tie, navy socks. Black or navy tights are also permitted. Students will have the option of navy trousers. All uniform items are available from Grant’s only.
• Students must wear all black waterproof footwear or navy/black ‘dubes’, no platforms or converse. Students must have a change of suitable runners for PE.
• Non-uniform jackets may not be worn, school jackets only.
• Student may wear a plain navy scarf, alternative colours are not permitted.
• Our school adopts a no face make-up policy for Junior Cycle years. Senior students have the privilege of wearing subtle face make-up.
• Students may wear nail varnish but it must be removable, and taken off for cookery class.
• False nails, shellac nails etc. are not permitted.
• Subtle false eyelashes that are classic or natural may be worn. Students are not permitted to wear ‘extreme’ or ‘Russian’ style false eyelashes i.e. no sweeping brushes.
• Piercings, subtle ear and nose studs are permitted but these must be removed for PE and sport. Septum piercings and all other visible piercings are not permitted.
• No visible tattoos or body markings permitted.
• Subtle jewellery permitted, but should not be loose or dangling as this may lead to a Health & Safety issue.
• Students may dye their hair and wear their hair up or down. Hair must be tied up for PE and cookery classes.
• Hijabs must be short navy blue to match our school uniform.
• Students PE uniform, all navy or all black tracksuit bottoms (no leggings), a white polo shirt and the school hoodie.
• All students are to change into their PE gear during PE time and return to their full school uniform for class.
• Students must bring a suitable school bag with books to school and home again each day for the purpose of study and homework.
• Students are not permitted to be in school in breach of their uniform. In the first instance they will be asked to correct their uniform breach, failing this, students may be sent home to return when their uniform is compliant with our school rules.

We welcome and appreciate your support in helping us create a stress-free zone by upholding the school uniform rules.

Kind regards,

Mr. J.O’Brien