6th Year Graduation

Every year towards the end of May sixth years celebrate their graduation. The Mass is celebrated in the lovely Church of the Sacred Heart in Arbour Hill.  Preparation for the Mass takes place a few weeks before the graduation.  Students choose their favourite hymns, organise the symbols of their school life which they wish to present at the Offertory and select readers for the different parts of the Mass. The Head girl prepares her final address on behalf of her fellow students which, as well as appreciations for teachers and parents, includes reminiscences of the key moments of school life which have stood out for the students and will forever be remembered!

After the Mass the students go home to dress formally for a farewell dinner served in the school hall appropriately decorated for the occasion.  Students and teachers enjoy a beautiful meal together during which numerous cameras flicker to capture the occasion.  After the meal the students make presentations to the Principal, Deputy Principal, form teachers, year heads and religious department.

To complete the evening students and some staff go to a dance in a pre-booked designated venue.