The School Chaplain is available to the students and to the whole school community on a daily basis.  She maintains close links with the Principal and staff and is a member of the Pastoral Care Team.  Links with parents and the local parish are also maintained.  First Year students meet with the chaplain individually during their first few weeks and she is available to any student who needs to talk, or to pray for a particular intention.

The chaplain, together with the relevant staff, helps support and encourages the development of faith, community worship and the school ethos.  She works with the religion teachers in organising the special religious events during the school year some of which are: Opening of the School Year Mass, Retreats, Christmas Carol Service, Catholic Schools’ Week Celebration, Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Graduation Mass for Sixth Years.

The chaplain offers meditation sessions in the Oratory to small groups from each class in the course of the school year and she works closely with students to foster positive attitudes towards opting for alcohol-free choices until they are eighteen years old. 

Religious Dance/Movement is offered during lunch-time and some students perform Prayer Dance during liturgical celebrations.

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