Transition Year Graduation

The Transition Year Graduation takes place at the end of the school year to celebrate the achievements and development of the students during the course. The Transition Year programme in Stanhope St Secondary School offers each student a broad holistic curriculum enabling her to develop her own particular gifts, reach her full potential and to develop a love of learning.  Every opportunity is given to enable students to develop powers of critical reflection thereby building independence of mind, increasing social awareness and social competences and nurturing maturation.  It is hoped that by the end of Transition Year the programme will have contributed to the social development of these young teenagers so that they grow up to be autonomous, participative and responsible members of society. 

The graduation night provides parents and guardians the opportunity to join with staff members to congratulate and support the girls as they open a new chapter in their academic career. The evening is planned and hosted by the students with the assistance of the Transition Year Coordinator.  The girls make various presentations to provide an insight into their experiences. These include; academic achievements, workshops, trips and work experience. An evening of laughter, friendship and memories culminates in the presentation of their portfolios which contain certificates of achievement and references from work achievement.