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School Musical

In October the School Drama Group entertained us greatly with their excellent production of a cabaret style show called Joey’s Jive-Box. The show was produced and directed by Amy Creighton. The School Choir, trained by PJ Gargan, performed a number of their favourite songs. As well as performances for the students, families and friends, we also invited Stanhope Primary School, St. Gabriel’s and Dublin 7 Educate Together School to a matinee performance. We look forward to more productions in the future.

Joey’s Jive-Box presents the “Stanner Starlets”

What started out as a mere talent show has blossomed into a spectacular display of talent in the Stanner Starlets’ Show. On the numerous days of the show, members of Amy’s Drama Club gave an amazing cabaret styled performance. It consisted of classics such as “All That Jazz” and “Fever”. The originally script was full of funny situations and indulging conversations.

Under the careful eye of Amy and her sister Joy, the girls also did an excellent Christmas performance featuring the singing talents of Denisa Covaci, Holly Farrell, Katie Judge, Mary Judge, Alina Balc, Katie Kearney,and Niamh O’Reilly. The girls brought in the Christmas spirit with a small drama piece centred on the real meaning of Christmas.

Both shows highlighted the girls’ wonderful talents, from acting through singing to downright amazing dances and gymnastics. As the show itself was an enormous success, the rehearsals and backstage time were spent in an amazing atmosphere in which the show- girls were able to improve their talents and discover new ones.

Throughout the two shows it was clearly visible that the girls were enjoying themselves and were proud of the hard work they did. The girls’ hard work certainly didn’t go unnoticed as the supportive audiences cheered them on throughout the entire show. But none of this would have been possible without the director and writer of the script Amy Creighton, Joy Creighton and the choreographer Ms Jones. As the girls are preparing for a new show, we hope to see many new faces join and explore their inner “divas”. 

The rehearsals take place every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

By Monika Janas and Laura Bohan (2nd Year St. Brid)


Pictures from the School Musical