In St. Joseph’s Secondary School Religious Education is seen as an integral part of the development and awareness of young people. In an atmosphere of exploration and discussion we try to help students discover and deepen their spirituality through liturgy, prayer and meditation, while maintaining their own religious tradition.

In our classes we seek to promote an understanding of why people believe, as well as tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all people. 

In Transition Year we begin a search for Meaning and Values. 

Continuing at senior level the Religion course aims to foster awareness that the human search for meaning is common to all peoples of all ages and at all times. It explores how the search for meaning has found and continues to find, expression in religion. It is open to students of all religions and ethnic backgrounds, echoing the spirit of Mother Mary Aikenhead, who promoted the idea of an equal educational opportunity for all and a lining out of the school motto

‘Caritas Christi Urget Nos’ (The love of Christ urges us on)