Home Economics

Home economics is an optional subject at both Junior and Leaving Certificate levels. It is a popular choice among students up to Junior Certificate level, where a lot of emphasis is on learning a nd practising cookery and craft skills.

The Junior Certificate course covers the following topics:

•Nutrition, Food Studies and Cookery

•Social Studies

•Human Biology

•Consumer Studies and Household Management

•Interior Design and textiles


Junior Certificate exam
Textile Craft project (15%)
Cookery exam (35% at Higher level, 45% at Ordinary level)
Written exam (50% at Higher level, 40% at Ordinary level)

The TY course includes;

•The HSE Cook It! Programme

•Food science


•Healthy eating

•Practical cookery


The Leaving Certificate (Social and Scientific) course is less practical and more academic. It covers the following;

•Food studies

•Food science


•Consumer Studies

•Household Management and Design

•Textile Science

5th year: An investigative journal is completed (20% of Leaving Certificate)

6th year elective:    Social studies 

Students who enjoy science-based subjects will find this of benefit if studying home economics. 
Many students take Home Economics for the first time at Leaving Certificate level yet they find they are at little disadvantage to those who completed the Junior Certificate. The diversity of this subject makes it very accessible to all students, particularly those who enjoy practical work and subjects with a scientific base.