The course in Civic, Social and Political Education is timetabled for one class period per week or its equivalent from Year 1 to 3. In order to ensure continuity of teaching content provision is made in the timetable to retain the same teacher for Year 2 and 3.

The aims and objectives of the Civic, Social and Political Education course emphasise the importance of the central concepts, and of active learning methodologies, to the successful delivery of the course. The content of the course incorporates four units of study.

Unit 1 : The Individual and Citizenship

Unit 2 : The Community

Unit 3 : The State – Ireland

Unit 4 : Ireland and the World

The sequence of the four units of study is developmental, taking individual pupils as its starting point and then exploring their citizenship in the contexts of the communities in which they participate, their nation and the wider world.

Text book

Make A Difference Textbook and Workbook

Over the duration of the course students undertake at least two class/group action projects. An action project is one where the pupils are actively involved in developing an issue or topic which has arisen in class. For example, pupils might undertake a survey of attitudes amongst pupils in the school to a particular issue, or they might research, organise and invite a guest speaker to talk to the class on a particular topic, or they might make a presentation to other pupils in the school on an issue which they have studied. Action projects encourage active and co-operative learning. At best they arise from the interest of students in a particular issue which is related to one of the course units.

The activities and skills learnt during these activities equip the students to become active and responsible members of not only their school and local community but of the greater world. Students carry these skills with them throughout their six years and leave with a greater awareness and social conscience.

Further details of the Syllabi can be obtained from the Department of Education and Skills at www.education.ie and look under Curriculum, Syllabus and Training Guides.