At St. Joseph’s Secondary School we promote the enjoyment of Chemistry as well as an appreciation of its relevance in everyday life. Chemistry investigates the elements and compounds that make up the physical world and looks at how they react together. Chemistry is involved in almost everything with which we come in contact. The life processes of all organisms involve chemical changes. It also looks at different materials, both natural and man-made. Chemistry prepares students for their role as participative, enterprising citizens.

The Leaving Certificate Chemistry course provides ample opportunity for practical work and laboratory training. The course also facilitates the development of problem-solving skills and allows for a deeper understanding of many scientific issues.

As a result we consider this course to be an excellent foundation for third level studies in a variety of disciplines.

Chemistry forms some part of all courses in Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, and in most Science courses. The syllabus consists of 70% pure Chemistry; the remaining 30% deals with the social and applied aspects.

At present the textbook used to accompany the teaching of the course is “Chemistry Live” by Declan Kennedy. Further details of the Syllabi can be obtained from the Department of Education and Skills at and look under Curriculum, Syllabus and Training Guides.