Biology is the study of life. Through the study of biology students employ the processes of science in their investigations and explore the diversity of life and the inter-relationship between organisms and their environment.

The syllabus consists of three units:

  • Unit One: Biology - The Study of Life
  • Unit Two: The Cell
  • Unit Three: The Organism.

The syllabus is designed to engage the student by using relevant everyday life happenings and will inspire in them an interest and excitement about biology. It gives a solid base with the knowledge, skills and understanding to pursue further education, training and employment in biology related fields.

Students develop a sense of curiosity and personal initiative through individual and team work and also class directed work. Biology develops students’ ability to make informed evaluations about contemporary biological issues.

During the course students will undertake and participate in laboratory work and fieldwork where they will put their knowledge into practice. They will record their findings and retain them in an experiment log book.  Students attain a good level of skill including manipulation of apparatus, interpretation of observation and results and practical enquiry and application of results. 

Information and communication technologies (ICT’s) are widely used in Biology to encourage and integrate information to the student in Biology.