Past Pupils Achievements

Past Pupil Achievements

Past Pupils - Where are they now?

Niamh Ward

Niamh Ward  Hi! My name is Niamh Ward and I was a student in St. Joseph’s Stanhope Street. I sat my Leaving Certificate in 2010. I had to study hard and with the encouragement and help of the teachers in the school, I got the results I needed to get into college and do the course of my choice. I am currently in IT Tallaght in my 2nd year of a degree.

in Accounting. I’m really happy doing this course because it’s what I have always wanted to do. In secondary school I really enjoyed accounting as a subject. I will achieve an ordinary Degree in Accounting after three years. Then I plan to do an extra year of study in order to get an Honours Degree. In the future I hope to be a qualified accountant and on a very good salary. I would like to work for PwC, one of the top accountancy companies in Ireland.

College is a great experience. You meet people who have a common interest with you and there are a lot of clubs and societies you can join. There are always college events like Freshers Week, Rag week etc. These are great fun!


Meghan Daly

Meghan DalyI am currently a second year Finance and Accounting student of NUI Maynooth. I sat my Leaving Cert in 2010. For those of you seniors and teachers, you may remember me as your elected Head Girl of class 2009/2010. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard work to reach third level, but it’s most definitely possible. I remember well, the great support and encouragement I had. I will always have many fond memories of my six challenging and inspirational years in Stanhope Street.

College can represent many things for each individual, but for me it has taught me how to grow as a young adult. I have gained so much – lifelong friends, the value of new experiences and learning how to survive as a poor student! Thank God for student discount!

University is hard work but there is a fun side too. It is all about balancing your social and academic life. So, for all present and future Stanhope Street students sitting exams, I personally encourage you to aim high for your dream college and it’s possible you will get there


Delia Maierean

Delia MaiereanHi! My name is Delia and I am 22 years old. I did my Leaving Certificate in 2008 and afterwards I went to DCU to study Business. However it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. So I changed courses after a year and went to the Dental Hospital in Trinity College to study dental nursing.

After two years, I successfully graduated in June 2011 and now I’m in a full time job which I love. In the future I’m hoping to do dental hygiene. Thanks to all the help I got from the teachers in the school and the hard work that I put in, I was able to pursue a career I always wanted to have.

Dorothy Adjei

Dorothy AdjeiMy name is Dorothy Adjei and I’m originally from Ghana. I attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School Stanhope Street from 2003 to 2005. The two years I spent in Stanhope Street Secondary School were fruitful ones. The staff became my family as I had no immediate family of my own in Ireland. I felt at home in the companyof the staff and students.

The relationships I built during my time in the school encouraged and motivated me to go the extra mile with my education after my Leaving Cert.

Since then I have achieved an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and have successfully graduated with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Electrical Energy. Guess what, I owe it all to the dedication and the commitment of the staff of Stanhope Street Secondary School.


Aoife Earl

Aoife EarlHaving finished in Stanhope Street back in 2008, I have since graduated from UCD with an Honours degree in July 2011, majoring in both English and Art History. I enjoyed the course so much that I am currently midway through my Masters in Art History in UCD. As a result of pursuing these courses, I have been able to travel to London, Paris and Istanbul just to study art works in close proximity.

University has not been all work and study for me as I have got involved in many of the clubs and societies. For instance, I was PR Officer of UCD’s DeutschSoc, am currently on the UCD HipHop Crew, was on the Trampoline Squad and am now a trained Level Zero Trampoline coach. With the trampoline club I get to travel to different parts of Ireland and Scotland competing, and with DeutschSoc we promote German culture and make an annual trip to a German speaking country.

Apart from University life I have also managed to maintain a job as stock controller in a DocMorris Pharmacy (formerly Unicare) as well as completing an OTC course and first aid course. The rest of my leisure time has been filled with different minor training courses, girl guides, and league matches with tag rugby, so there is never a dull moment to be had!


Rita Ryan

Rita RyanI really enjoyed my time in Stanhope Street. School isn’t always easy but, teachers and friends were always there to help. I finished school in 2008, at 18, with a Leaving Cert I was proud of. However, it wasn’t enough to get me into the course I wanted in university. My wish was to pursue a career as a nurse, taking up a degree in Children’s and General Nursing in DCU. The points for this course were very high and I didn’t get an offer from the CAO. However I accepted a place in TAP (Trinity Access Programme).

This meant I would have another chance to apply to the CAO for the nursing course I wanted a year later in Trinity College due to a direct affiliation TAP had with the university. It was an amazing year. The workload was difficult to manage at times but the support from lecturers, staff and fellow students was immense. I was determined to stick to the deadlines with the goal of getting into nursing in my sights. I had to meet these essay deadlines and pass exams to qualify for a valid CAO application through TAP. It paid off too, as on the same day my niece was born, I was offered a place in my nursing course from the CAO.

That was in 2009. I am now in the third year of my level 8 degree course. I have a year and a half left to go until I am a fully qualified children’s and general nurse. I am currently on clinical placement in AMNCH Tallaght Hospital and despite the long shifts, I am loving every minute of it. I wish the pupils of Stanhope Street all the best for the future and the best of luck in pursuing your dreams.


Vicky Britton

Vicky BrittonI was delighted to take up study in Dublin City University once I finished school. It was my number 1 choice on my CAO. It was a bit of a shock to the system as I hadn’t expected to get in to such a highly reputable journalism course.

When I first started, there were 10,000 students on campus, a far cry from the close knit community of Stanhope Street. After my first couple of weeks I settled in well. The course was challenging,with many practical classes. We were sent out on the streets interviewing and finding stories (often on cold, rainy mornings), taught how to write clearly and coherently and how to compose and edit radio and TV packages. It was tough at times but very rewarding. I continued my interest in extracurricular activities from school of course, and made many friends through the Drama and Media Production societies.

I also represented DCU as a Student Ambassador. As part of my course I undertook a 2 month work placement with a new radio station, Classic Hits 4fm.I loved it and since my recent graduation, have worked there on a number of occasions as a producer.

I’m completing a Masters in International Journalism Studies at present and will be spending my spring semester in Boston University, taking broadcast journalism classes. I can’t wait, and I look forward to my future career.